Activities of the Dante Alighieri Society, Edmonton Committee

Dr. Horst Schmid presenting a cheque

In addition to running a Community School of Italian Language and Culture and organizing various cultural conferences and musical concerts, the Committee has been, and in most cases still is, actively involved in the following organizations:

  • Court of Canadian Citizenship
  • Edmonton Citizenship Council
  • Edmonton United Nations Association
  • Human Rights Committee
  • Radio Station “CKUA” with the program “Italian Panorama” (1962-1974)
  • Edmonton Opera Society
  • Fundraising for the “Vajont Disaster” Italy (1963) and the “Pro Venezia Committee”
    project "Italy Today" in collaboration with The Bay (1964)
  • Edmonton Centennial Library
    (donated a bust of Dante Alighieri and various Italian books; 1967)
  • Provincial Archives of Alberta
    (donated an oral historical research of Italians in Alberta by interviewing a number of Italian pioneers in various provincial locations; 1974)
  • United Way Charitable Organizations
  • Alberta Cultural Heritage Council
  • Edmonton Heritage Days Festival
  • National Congress of Italian-Canadians
  • Northern Alberta Heritage Languages Association
  • Edmonton Multicultural Society

The “Dante” has also cooperated and is cooperating with the various community Italian organizations and with the Santa Maria Goretti Parish.

In 1974, the Socity undertook an important documentation project that involved oral history taping with Italian community pioneers. The project coordinators were Sab Roncucci and Gian Carlo Grelli. The audio tapes were given to the Provincial Archives of Alberta. They have been invaluable resources for historical research on the Italian community and were used by Dr. Adriana Albi Davies as resources for the Celebrating Alberta's Italian Community Web site, which is part of the Alberta Online Encyclopedia, developed and maintained by the Heritage Community Foundation.This was a foundational project in the study of Italian settlement history.

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